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2004-01-05. Debian package available. Get it from download section.
2003-12-30. Small redesign of project home pages, polish translation added.
2003-12-29. RPM packages available, both .rpm binary and .src.rpm source packages. Check download section.
2003-12-21. Second release of source code. New features, I18N support and many more, check Release notes for more info.
2003-12-20. Added I18N support based on GNU gettext. First polish translation (in progress).
2003-10-26. I've fired up two chips - 89C51 and 90S2313 - rests in peace - and had no serious progress in programing AVR20 or erasing 89Sxx. I'm going mad, so more bug fixes available in CVS. Try this out.
2003-09-29. Change static atelib.o into
2003-09-20. First release. Initial version is 0.0.1.
2003-09-19. I have a mostly working program and working driver for ATE2000B. It can read/write flash, erase chip and seting lock bits (both 20pin and 40pin Atmel's '51). Code is initialy uploaded into CVS.
2003-09-03. After a lot of unusefull time I started working on my project. I grab all needed information about ppdev, Atmel datasheets, etc. and I have first lines of code.